Today was installation day for the new roll cage. I decided to order the Poison Spyder Customs LJ roll cage builder kits. The cage is a direct replacement of the factory Jeep cage. Several years ago I had reinforced my factory cage with a bolt on Rock Hard cage. I have been happy with the Rock Hard cage, it added extra tubing, enclosed the passenger space better, and it added strength to the factory cage. While preparing for this build I had to pull the fabric and padding off the factory portions of the cage and I was surprised to see how prone to failure the factory cage really is. The stock cage is comprised of multiple sections sleeved together or stamped metal flange ends bolted to each other with multiple open holes in all the tubing. After finding out how weak the factory cage is and the type of trails this build will be running, it was time to get a full custom cage

I looked at several cage kits and considered even having Camp Rock Fabrication build a full custom “one-off” cage. This build is on a time line, The Trail Reaper build will be on display at the 2017 Forest Fest this June so a “one-off” cage was out of the question. There are several great kits available these days and after doing some more research I decided to go with Poison Spyder Customs LJ cage. It’s made from DOM tube, CNC bent maintains the tubes integrity, the entire kit is laser cut and keyed to create perfect joints, tubes are laser etched for easy alignment and tube identification, specially designed “A” posts that go all the way to the floor of the tub but is shaped in a way that doesn’t require any cutting of the dash and doesn’t take up leg space, and last but not least the cage has a great aesthetic look.

The cage was delivered to my house on a pallet with a couple other parts so I took it down to Camp Rock Fab and after a little cleaning and prepping of the Jeep tub, we were ready for installation. The kit comes with directions but as we got going, it became so self explanatory that we only referred to the directions a few times throughout the entire installation. One of the first steps is installing the “B” post and this cage has a nice feature that ties the tub to the cage. It uses the factory mounting location which bolts the unsupported top of the tub back to the aftermarket cage and creates a solid union between the cage and tub. Poison Spyder’s cage uses the 4 factory mounting points but uses plates twice as think (3/16th) and twice the diameter as the factory mounts to better spread a load. In addition to the 4 factory mounting points the after market cage adds two more contact points with the addition of the “A” post supports that extend all the way to the floor. In total the Poison Spyder cage ties into the tub at 8 different locations creating a very solid union between the cage and tub. Each tube in the Poison Spyder cage is made from DOM steel and laser cut which require zero prep or grinding to create perfect joints and nodes. Each tube has alignment marks at every junction so get the cage square and straight was extremely fast and easy. Everything fit so perfectly together with no measurements, no cutting, no grinding, and zero perp that the Camp Rock Fab team and I had the cage completely tacked into place in less than an hour! Clint Griffith (Owner/Operator) of Camp Rock Fabrication said ” I’ve never had a cage come together to quickly” and yes, he has built a lot of roll cages.

Once the cage was tacked together it was removed and finish welded. I could’t be happier with the cage! Having the added safety of the new cage definitely makes me feel much better about taking the family out on the trail and helps put the wife a little more at ease. Another added benefit is the confidence it gives me while wheeling. As the trails increase in difficulty so do the precarious situations you and your Jeep end up in. With the added safety I’ll get from the new cage will take some of the hesitation out of attacking the hard trails or lines.